Manning the bridge of the mothership is Gillian Parrish, a writer, instructor and student of somatic practices. Though she feels most at home in Cornwall and Kathmandu, she now divides her time between stacks of books and piles of papers amidst the brick houses of St. Louis, where given a lifelong habit of branch-watching, she is glad for the wild-armed sycamores. Her poems and essays, which mostly get their start by way of walks with a handheld recorder, have appeared in various journals, some linked below. A couple of essays on ecopoetics are also linked here, and you can also find her pedageekery in Faculty Focus.

so that we can say it in our own voices & other poems (republished from other journals)
a wee review of wee poems
“woveness” in a collective glossary on ecopoetics in Jacket2
essay on Yang Jian’s ecological poetry
essay on Thalia Field’s Bird Lovers, Backyard
a renga essay
poem at the new year
another at the new year 
and another not me us poem

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