Manning the bridge of the mothership is Gillian Parrish, a writer, instructor and student of somatic practices who is most at home among the small fires of Kathmandu and gorse-lit cliffs of Cornwall, and given a lifelong habit of branch-watching, the bright-armed sycamores of St. Louis. Her poems, which mostly get their start by way of walks with a handheld recorder, have appeared in various journals. Essays on ecopoetics are posted below, and an essay on Bone Pagoda, a book of war poems of Vietnam and Iraq, is forthcoming in Tools of the Sacred, Techniques of the Secular from P.I.E.-Peter Lang’s Comparative Poetics Series.

so that we can say it in our own voices & other poems (republished from other journals)
a wee review of wee poems
“woveness” in a collective glossary on ecopoetics in Jacket2
essay on Yang Jian’s ecological poetry
essay on Thalia Field’s Bird Lovers, Backyard


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